Satan’s attempt to hijack all things hallowed

My definition of Halloween:  the devil attempting to distract us from the sacred things and saints.

Why?  Well, Nov. 1st is Saints Day.  Do we know that?  Do we buy cards for it or celebrate it?  I don’t!  I’m usually pretty tired and crashed from my sugar highs from the night before.  Handing out candy (one for them, one for me) and sorting candy for my kids (Mommy better try that one and make sure it’s safe).

Oct. 31st was originally All Saints Eve.  Now I’m not suggesting being legalistic and refusing to celebrate or acknowledge it.  If anything I challenge you to jump in and join in and TAKE IT BACK making God’s Word the focus.  How about we let our little lights shine on the “darkest” night of all?


By smiling, enjoying every ghoulish moment as a reminder and opportunity to share who God is and what is actually written in His Word.  Hand out candy and ask a question, dress up and give explanation to what you are or ask others if they know where their charactor first shows up in history (as in His Story – the Bible).

Here are some ideas, I’m sure you’ll catch on quickly and the Holy Spirit will give you inspiration AND opportunity to be a courageous witness.

Ask or reference some of the following:

Do you know what tomorrow is? – Discuss All Saints Day and possibly ‘ what is a “saint”?’  After all what better intro to salvation – would YOU like to be a saint?  Step 1:  Become a “whosoever” (whosoever believes in Him…)  Step 2:  Become a zombie – die and be raised again with Him (salvation and baptism and live for Christ not self)

Did you know the first ____________ was in the Bible?  (here is a list of possible costumes and a biblical reference or more, feel free to research your own.  Remember if people are dressed as hookers don’t take them to the verse where they go to hell!  You take them to the woman at the well or the woman in which no one could throw a stone.  Bring ALL to Jesus, His grace, mercy and forgiveness.  God’s interest in things creepy and ugly are as our redeemer, He redeems it all with “His blood!”)

Skeletons – Ezekiel 37:2-5,7

Zombies – John 11:38 – 44, John 12:9 (Lazarus), Ezekiel 37:10, 12-13, Jesus (rose from the dead and appeared to many all 4 gospels)

Ghosts – 1Samuel 28:11-14, 1 Samuel 28:3 (Spirit of Samuel brought up from the dead)

Witch – 1 Samuel 28:7 (notice the woman is from En-Dor, remind you of Endora from Bewitched?)

Mummy – John 11:44 (Lazarus)

Grim Reaper – 2 Kings 19:35, Isaiah 37:36, Exodus 12:23,29

Sorcerers – Exodus 7:11

Vampire – John 6:53, 1 Cor 11:25, Revelation 16:4-6

Now I’m not trying to be irreverent.  Christians/Saints are NOT vampires as we partake of the Lords Supper – a sacred and holy moment of remembrance.  I AM drawing your attention to the fact that to believe in being raised from the dead, to die to self and live for Christ, to partake in the flesh and blood of Christ as our salvation are all things that the devil wants to distort, twist, and claim as his own in a wicked way.

Let’s be BOLD!  Let’s TAKE BACK the night and use Halloween as another holiday to create saints.  Who says we can’t give Christmas and Easter an added holiday for competition as to which draws more souls into the house of God, more importantly into living out the kingdom of God!

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up on All Saints Day knowing there are a dozen or more souls that just took their first step into sainthood?
And with that…. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!