Inspiring Joy with a Quick and Easy Read

If you LOVE Christmas and are in the “Christmas Spirit” you’ll love these books.

If you are NOT feeling it or loving it and you have the “Bah humbug” blues you may need these books.

The holiday season is so busy, so full that I have leaned on easy reads in December.  Here are a few of my favorites.

I’ve read “The Tale of Three Trees” in several group settings and at Christmas parties, it’s a wonderful way of sharing without being “offensive”.  It brings tears to my eyes every time I read it, and I practically know it by heart!






I learned about “Simple Acts of Faith” while I was doing some care giving for an elderly client of mine who I adore.  She was giving them as Christmas presents and my task was to wrap them.  I had to peek – and I only needed to read one of the pages to decided to buy one for myself (then several more as gifts to my family and friends).





I found “A Simple Act of Gratitude” at the public library on accident (divine conspiracy is more accurate) at a time in my life in which I hurt deeply.  The cover at that time was a mailbox (sort of in the middle of know where).  I had wanted to hike a trail that ends with a mailbox at the peak and so I opened it and read the jacket which talked about a guy going on a hike, during the holidays, and his life was a mess.  Well, the book went home with me – and then it changed my life.



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I can’t remember how I came across “The Quilt makers Gift” but I loved it and I like to think that the man who walked away from Jesus because Jesus said he should sell everything he owns and follow Him may have turned out like this.  I like to hope the best about people and I know that I often make choices up front that I later realize I need a change of mind and some new actions are needed.



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“Christmas Jars” is a novel, it’s hard to put down so that’s why it ended up a quick read for me.  We had a person in our church get a “Christmas jar” and post it on Facebook, of course I was interested in what that was all about.  The fb post created many comments about people jumping up and checking their front doors for a jar.  A definite game changer for those who love to give and for those who don’t.

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