The Frog, the Owl and the Cross

Have you ever wondered how to share your faith, your testimony or your love for Jesus with others?

Many people wear a cross indicating there belief that Jesus died and rose again from the grave.  I can’t say that wearing my cross necklace has brought about many conversations about Jesus.  Those who are Christians may look at it and say “oh, that’s so pretty” (of course the cross in reality wasn’t pretty, necessary, but only beautiful in the sense of the gruesome sacrifice on my behalf).  So, while I do wear a cross and it reminds me of the amazing sacrifice poured out for me I can’t say it’s lead to conversations with those who don’t believe.  At times I think it has even caused people to shy away.

I recently met a woman at church who had on a beautiful frog necklace, it was made with crystals or some sort of gems/jewels.  It was quite unique and really caught my eye.  I said “Oh, your necklace is so pretty!”

She responded “Thank you, do you know what it stands for?”

“No” I replied

“Fully Rely On God” she smiled “you know I’ve gotten more compliments from wearing this necklace and so many opportunities to really share about God, how real He is and how He has been reliable for me than I ever had when I wore a cross.”

“Wow!” I marveled “I bet you have, it’s very eye catching and who can refute a personal testimony?”  It’s easy to argue a belief but there isn’t much left to say when someone shares a piece of their life with you.

Well, needless to say I felt inspired and it got me to thinking.  I didn’t have a frog necklace, but I do have an owl necklace.  It too is made of crystals, it’s eye catching and every time I wear it someone makes a comment about it.  Maybe not Christians but let’s be honest, I’m not here to share Jesus with those who know Jesus!

So what can I say about my owl?  What kind of acronym can I use to make this an open door opportunity to share about Jesus and something He has done for me and is anxiously waiting and willing to do for ‘whosoever’?  Being a creative person with words you’d think I’d come up with something quickly.  I did, but nothing that really worked.  So I prayed (if you read any of my posts I have this shameful pattern of praying AFTER my self sufficiency wears out – I really need to deal with that).

I felt like God was saying “What about what the owl says?”

“You mean ‘whoooo’?”  I asked.  Then pondering on that I had it!  I can share that the owl reminds me of “Whose I am” and “Who I am”.

Now that is something to start a conversation about!  It can open all sorts of doors and I can use either or both depending on the situation and what the Holy Spirit puts on my heart to share.

I have numerous testimonies of times of needing to be reminded of “who I am” especially when the world, family, friends, etc. seem to bombard me with their versions and ideas of who I am or who I should be or who I have been.  Isn’t it a glorious discovery to find that Jesus says that ‘who I am’ is such an amazing thing that it brings hope, life and joy to my very soul in spite of where I’m at in life?  When God tells you who you are in Him it is life transforming, even more so when you grab on to it as fact and walk in obedience to Him.

Likewise, there is the “Whose I am”,  my daughter had a poster for many years on her door that read “I AM a princess!  My Daddy is the King of Kings!”  Boy does she believe that – I have to get back to child like faith and embrace that for all it’s worth.  To many times I grow distant from the fact that my Abba Father is a King, He has adopted me and I am indeed a princess.  I may be living like a pauper, like many tales of the princess who is banned from her royal life to a hard world full of pain, isolation, misunderstanding and often cruel task masters.  But why is it there are so many of these stories out there?  Because we relate, in our shallow mindfulness we wish it were true and that we’d soon be rescued.  But in the deep recesses of our soul our spirit cries out “it IS true” we DO have a KING who will arrive on a white horse.  He will take possession of this world and the demonic lying task masters we find ourselves fighting.  He will set a crown on our heads and bring vindication (though I doubt we will care about vindication at that point).  We will live “happily ever and ever and ever and ever after” for eternity.  What does this world and those in it do to me that I can’t overcome with a reminder of “Whose I am!”

So, whatever you wear, be it a frog, an owl, a cross or something else that can strike up an opportunity to share your testimony I encourage you to do so.  I just realized in writing this that I now wear a scar on my neck and of course people ask “what happened” and I get to share that I was in an accident on a major highway with a car that came at us head on from crossing the highway divide.  It is a story people want to hear and it is all about how God saved my life that day.  I encourage you to pray and ask God what it is you are wearing or could wear that will lead someone else to ponder the reality of God.

Blessings upon you as you go out on the highways and byways to share of the gospel that saved your soul and of our King who will soon return!

*and by “highways and byways” I mean workplace, shopping, neighborhood, etc.

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