Are You A Mean Girl?

I heard God speak to me and this is what He said:

“Are you a mean girl?”

“I see the shock on your face; I hear the gasp as your heart skips a beat and your mind races.  You don’t know whether to scream out “NO!  Lord, You know that I’m NOT!” or burst out crying at the horrific thought that I would even ask such a question (for then it may somehow be true).


You think of how you love others, how you have the gift of encouraging others, you look at so many girls and women and you have never been one to judge others about looks or attributes, you see through the outside into the heart of a person.  Sure (you mull over in your mind) there are times when you have been angry or impatient with someone but not like a mean girl.  You aren’t shallow; you aren’t wanting or even trying to be popular or worldly.  You wouldn’t brush someone off or attempt to hurt someone to get ahead.


Do you want to know why I asked you this?  Are you ready to hear and to know what I see?

I agree with you, overall you are a kind person.  You do love people and see them, for the most part, how I have gifted them, that they make mistakes out of their pains.  Overall you are patient and you see the depth of a person and the value they have.  But this one thing I notice, there is a girl you are not so kind to – there is a girl you are actually mean to, the things you think about her, your opinions, your harshness and callous heart toward her are pretty awful.


Again you scramble, trying to think of anyone from your life, past or present in which this person may be hidden, maybe deep down in the dark corner of your heart or mind.

Just stop, take a deep breath, I will reveal to you who she is, it’s why I’m talking to you now.  You see – it’s you.  You are being a mean girl to yourself!

Surprised?  You think it is okay to be hard on yourself?

Will you consider my words “Love one another as you love yourself?”

Can you imagine how it breaks my heart to see the lack of forgiveness, grace and mercy you are willing to extend to yourself?  You may think you can insult yourself but you insult me – you are my creation, you are my child, my daughter.  I don’t want anyone talking about you like that, not even you, in fact ESPECIALLY not YOU!  I formed you when you were in your mother’s womb.  I knew all of your days long before they were even fashioned.  I knew your joys, sorrows, struggles and successes and I loved you.  I still love you, every mistake and shortcoming I see I am reminded that you were made from dust.  You are greater than the sum of all of your mistakes, you are a dear treasure to me and the destiny I have in you and for you are beyond what you can take in.  You make a difference in the smallest things you do, you make the world I created more beautiful just by being you.  I have watched as you have damaged yourself with your unkind thoughts and sometimes abusive actions.  I am asking you to stop.  Open your eyes and see yourself with the same grace, love, kindness and forgiveness that you offer your friends.  As you begin to love yourself you will begin to see a change, it will take time but you will be changed and represent my glory in a much bigger way.  Take every thought into captivity and anything that doesn’t line up with what I have to say about you needs to be thrown out.  You will still get Holy Spirit insight of your errors and you will face your flaws with Me, repent, forgive yourself and I will show you the way to making changes.  No longer will a mistake set you back days or weeks because of self-loathing.  The devil has been using this trick too long with you and it is time for it to stop.  You were a child and walked in childish ways and now I invite you to walk with Me as a mature woman in Christ.  I believe in you!  I love you!  I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and to make a future for you – join me and do it in love.  Love Me, love your neighbor and please, do Me a favor and LOVE YOURSELF!”
-Your Heavenly Father (Abba)

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